My preferred means of communication is by phone. Feel free to call me 24/7 on my cell at
870-582-6100 . No worries about disturbing me because I turn the ringer off when I am busy or asleep. Just leave a message and I will call back as soon as possible.
Alternatively, you can email me at
[email protected] .
PLEASE- no text messages except on travel days!!

I am not always good at posting updates on my Facebook page, but you are certainly welcome to Like and Follow.
My buyers are welcome to post reviews there too.
However, the best way to stay on top of what's happening here at Aurelie's IGs is to watch my Nursery Page and join my Birth Announcement list.
(My personal Facebook page is for friends and family only, covering only non-canine related topics.) 

  ....... and now a little about us:

After spending 20 years as a
cosmetologist, my focus has

now shifted exclusively to the
iggies- my devotion is focused

full time on them. They are my
job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
It does tie me down, but at this

point in my life, I welcome the
chance to stay home. If I must go
anywhere, my daughter tends the

iggies for me.
Update- Got married in April 2016. Couldn't be any
happier! Thank you to my buyers for all the sweet
well-wishes! My husband, Luis, gave up his job in Texas
to come live/work full time with me on the farm here in Arkansas. I am so amazed and grateful that he has welcomed my iggies so wholeheartedly and enjoys them as much as I do. Between the two of us, we spend 336 hrs/week, 365 days/yr with the iggies- working, playing, sharing life together- and we wouldn't have it any other way. Life is good here!

​China, 30, is my daughter. She has been a great
help to me for many years. She lives on the other
side of my 25 acre farm but is available to help me

whenever necessary.

  ....... and who are you?

A relationship between breeder and buyer is a personal one, and we somehow feel better acquainted when we can put a face to a name. Since we have shared our pics, now it's your turn! We love to receive pics of the babies with their new families. Remember how excited you were to receive from us the email pictures/updates as your puppy grew? Well, we get that excited when we hear from you too! We never stop caring, and the relationship doesn't end after the pup leaves here. Remember that you can call or email anytime with questions or concerns... or to just send pics and brag about your iggy!

A breeding program cannot be a success without the help, advice, and support of a good vet.

Dr Martin of DeQueen Animal Hospital was my first vet for my first several years of breeding. I appreciate the good foundation he gave me and the time, attention, and concern he shared with me. I shall not forget those years.

                    In 2010, I moved further south in Arkansas, right onto the Ark/La line. This put me in the position of needing to find a new vet... a daunting task. I hated leaving Dr Martin's care and I feared that no one could fill his shoes. He recommended Dr Hoyle in Springhill LA, with whom he attended vet school. I am very pleased to now have an opportunity to work with another fantastic vet and his associates at McMahen Veterinary Hospital in Springhill Louisiana.

​Dr Hoyle, Dr Anding, Dr Pearce, and Dr McMahen all provide excellent assistance and care; I deeply appreciate the professional guidance and the detailed care for my dogs and pups. Thank you so very much! I am incredibly lucky to have such a dedicated team at my side. Thank you for being there at a moment's notice whenever I need you- night or day- and giving me the peace of mind that no matter how worrisome the situation, my iggies are attended with the utmost priority. Thank you also for answering my endless questions with such patience and helpfulness.

We are located in Taylor Arkansas, right on the Ark/La line.
​ It's about 1 and 1/2 hour drive from either Texarkana or Shreveport.